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Contact your local State Representative and Lobbyists responsible for keeping the members of Grow Illinois Alliance in your community. By supporting the Grow Illinois Alliance you are keeping money and jobs right here at home. Click the link below to send a note of support to your local representative.

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Grow Illinois Alliance member companies bring the most advanced technologies in telephone service, high-speed Internet and digital video to our homes and businesses over broadband lines. So you have an exceptional variety of entertainment and resources at your fingertips with fast, reliable service.

GIA member companies use the exact same, or better technologies comparable to huge out of state telecommunications companies. By selecting a Grow Illinois Alliance member company as your preferred supplier, you are directly supporting the community in which you live. GIA member companies are committed to keeping jobs and money within the local community. Better yet, local Grow Illinois Alliance member companies have a deep, personal connections to the people they serve because they live here too.